Bind & un-Bind APP from Power Unit

The AC200Max recently purchased was ‘bound’ to my Bluetti APP (and subsequently phone) to allow simple tasks and remote monitoring. While attempting to look for firmware update on I found my account was not active. I re-entered and created an account that I thought I currently have using the same user name and PW. Currently my power unit returns an error that I must ‘un-BIND’ my AC200max from my ‘old account’ and 'BIND the unit to my ‘new account’.

Trouble; NO MENTION of ‘BIND/UNBIND’ anywhere. How does one accomplish this feat of ‘BIND/UNBIND’ unit from Bluetti APP?

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@Mic If you need to unbind your machine, please provide your SN code and I will forward it to the engineer to unbind it for you. Thank you for your cooperation!