Bind & un-Bind APP from Power Unit

The AC200Max recently purchased was ‘bound’ to my Bluetti APP (and subsequently phone) to allow simple tasks and remote monitoring. While attempting to look for firmware update on I found my account was not active. I re-entered and created an account that I thought I currently have using the same user name and PW. Currently my power unit returns an error that I must ‘un-BIND’ my AC200max from my ‘old account’ and 'BIND the unit to my ‘new account’.

Trouble; NO MENTION of ‘BIND/UNBIND’ anywhere. How does one accomplish this feat of ‘BIND/UNBIND’ unit from Bluetti APP?

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@Mic If you need to unbind your machine, please provide your SN code and I will forward it to the engineer to unbind it for you. Thank you for your cooperation!

I’m currently having the same issue with a refurb AC200Max unit I purchased on EBay from the Bluetti store
SN: 2234002933059

Any help appreciated

Please unbind. My unit was delivered bound to someone else’s email address. SN AC1802334000592815

@BLUETTI_CARE Could you help @dkrotine with unbind his device?

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thank you danke

Do Bluetti_Care monitor this forum anymore?

Yes. They do and they will get back to you as soon as possible. @dkrotine I’d suspect @BLUETTI_CARE will respond within 24-48 hours as its currently nighttime over there
. You will need to get your units SN along with your order details to provide to them.

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@dkrotine Done. Please check.

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Thank you very much! I was able to bind.

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Unbinding needed for EB3A purchased from Bluetti certified ebay seller.

Hi, please unbind my device from other email
SN АС3002225000274913

Hi @Annet @Othawk

For faster response, you should tag @BLUETTI_CARE in your post.

Can you unbind the device for @Annet ?

@Othawk You need to send us the Serial Number of the device. Here or in private chat with Bluetti

@Annet Currently this device status has not been bound by anyone yet.

@BLUETTI_CARE Can you please unbind SN 2220000298017? I have sold it to someone in FL and cannot access the unit with the app from NH. Thank you!

@Langtoni May I know which model?

Thanks for your quick reply. AC200MAX

@Langtoni Done. Please check.

It worked.Thank you!

Can you unbind my unit please.
SN: 2252000099963