Big cable betwenn AC200MAX und B230/B300 - are there options for less use of space?

Hello. The connection cable between the AC200Max and the B230 Battery takes up quite some space on the left side of the unit. Is there an option to get a 90° angle for the plugs, or any other ideas if space besides the unit is limited?

Same for the AC300 to B300 connection. It would be nice if there was a cable with angled connector to connect the AC300 to the B300 with the AC300 on top of the B300. I have my AC300 to the wall with the cable reaching to the corner, so it is not too much of an issue for me, but there current cable connection is not very aesthetically pleasing and space efficient.

I wonder if this connector is Bluetti-specific, or if it’s some kind of standard connector, which is also used by Bluetti. If there would be some standard behind it, there sould be 90° adapters available…

I would never have dared to do what this daring fellow has dared to do, but he has succeeded, and it’s interesting to see the data cables and the role of the lock button :