Best way to provide backup power for a Home Network with AC50S and UPS

I’ve got a new AC50S and want to use it to backup my home network ~65 Watts. Equipment is:

  1. 33W UniFi Dream Machine Pro UDM-Pro
  2. 2.5W Switch
  3. 11W AT&T Arris Router
  4. 15W PoE Switch with Security Cameras

I also have a lead acid CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD (102WH) and a small APC backup for my AT&T router. What devices should I connect to the AC50S and the CyberPower? Should I run the AC50S and the CyberPower in series?

During setup, I had the AC50S connected to the “pass through” on the CyberPower and the AC50S simply stopped charging; the green light was on the charger, but no power was going to the AC50S and it died overnight despite other devices on the same circuit working fine.
What did I do wrong?

Hi @stevegon ,
AC50S is without UPS function. It only supports standalone use. As a mainframe, it cannot be connected to other energy storage mainframe devices.
The devices we currently support to connect with the same model are the AC300 and EP500/PRO. And it needs fusion box accessory, in split phase mode, to connect at the same time.
Thank you!

“AC50S is without UPS function”. This implies that it cannot be used while getting power from solar or the grid? Is that true? A UPS provides 2 functions, which I am pretty sure your marketing confirms the AC50S does:

  1. Provide power when there is none from an electrical outlet (for a period of time; ie until the battery runs out).
  2. Provide power (indefinitely) while plugged into an electrical source like solar or the grid.
    Please confirm my understanding.

UPS mode seems to mean Battery bypass. So AC or solar goes directly to the invertor without having to go through the battery all the time, thus less wear and tear on the battery.
Though TRUE UPS means a certain ms of switch over (so as not to reboot PC etc) which kind of requires the battery to be the direct power source.

Also did you turn off ECO mode on the AC50S so it doesn’t turn off after so many hours of low wattage?

I think ALL of the bluetti battery devices CAN be used as a backup power source while plugged into AC or solar just may use up more of the battery life if used 24/7. They will still last longer than a typical computer UPS due to LIFEPO4 batteries.
Has anyone actually tried with an AC200P/AC200MAX/EB70S? Can we tell how much battery life is lost? Is heat also a problem?

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Thanks for the thorough reply. You are correct that there are different features to UPS. TBH, I don’t care about the wear and tear (I fully expect to replace this unit in a year), I just want an uninterrupted power supply to my equipment that lasts longer than a few minutes (which is how long the CyberPower lasts and they die like clock work the second the warranty is over).

I would note that the Admin who replied kind of side stepped the fact that I had the Bluetti plugged into the BYPASS of the UPS…which should be no different than a surge suppressor. The instructions are silent on using a surge suppressor, so I would say it’s allowed.

I searched the instructions, there is no mention of Eco Mode or anything of the sort, so I don’t think that’s an option with the AC50S…so it’s not a confidence booster that the unit died while plugged into the power overnight…

i do the same thing but in a different order on my eb3a.
try plugging the ac50s into the wall socket and the ups into the ac50s output. that way the ac50s will charge from the wall socket and serve as a secondary power backup to the ups. it wont kick in as fast as the ups but will last longer and keep the ups charged so it can do its job.

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To be clear: I was simply plugging in to the UPS because that’s how my system pre-existed. I was just setting up new equipment, so I decided to plug the new equipment directly to the Bluetti, but it sounds like might not be the correct order…but I definitely should compare the AC50S to the UPS and see which one switches faster or if AC50S can provide uninterrupted power to the devices. Thanks for the advice!

fyi, you can also look into the eb3a. it has ups mode built-in and retails for around $200.

So what is the main difference between the 2 and how do you figure it out (ie what keywords to look for)? I am pretty sure I passed on the EB3A because it seemed like it had half the battery of the AC50S.

the EB3A is brand new and has no external power supply (uses pc style power cord) and had built-in ups mode (battery bypass). its also the cheapest/smallest.
otherwise only the largest units (ac300 and eb500/eb500pro) have ups mode.

though i would love to have an upgrade to the eb70s with ups mode.

but treat the eb3a as a portable cyberpower ups with a larger LIFEPO4 battery and a solar panel input.
just is a little noisy at times.