Best way to connect 3rd party solar panel to EB55


i am using a solara solar panel which normal goes right directly into my T6 camper via 12V cigarette plug. Now i have the 2 options which come into my mind. I have drawn two sketches.

The first option would be to buy a 12V charging cable for my soon to be arrive EB55 and to use it as seen in sketch 1. Here i have the fear, that it will drain my second battery if not enough solar poewr comes in.

Option 2 would be to built some kind of adapter which goes into EB55 but i dont know what to build. I have a adapter from sureseal plug (quite uncommon plug in my oppinion) to an open end. Here i would not go via 12V car in/out and plug the solar panel directly into the EB55.

Can you recommend anything. Option 1 looks easier… dont even know what product from Bluetti i am needing. Cant find it on their internet page. Like the 12V to EB55 cable.

Additional info about the solar panel and its specifics:

I would go with option 2 and get a 7909 male connector and solder or crimp to your two wires. Another option would be to get a pair of MC4 (std. solar cable) connectors and connect them to your bare wires. You could then use these now connected MC4 wires to the solar charging cable for the EB3A and plug that directly to your EB3a input port.

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But why 7909 male? Solar cables from them have female XT60 plug to put into the bluetti right?

You are correct, I was thinking you had the EB3a. EB55 has XT60