Best way to charge car battery from AC200P?

What would people recommend to use to charge a car battery via the ac200?

I’m a little unsure if I can just plug it in to the 12v output or not

The voltage wouldn’t be high enough to charge the car’s battery completely using the 12v outputs. You’d need to plug a battery charger into one of the AC outlets.

Seems a bit wasteful to convert DC 48v to AC120v and then back down to 12v DC…

Although, I appreciate this is probably the simplest solution.

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Considering there are no outputs that put out sufficient voltage to charge your battery and even if they did, they will not auto shut off to prevent overcharging then your choices are limited. The Aviation output port will output 25 amps, but you are still dealing with the voltage not being sufficient to charge the battery.

If you are handy and have disposable income, you could rig a cable that would go from the aviation 25 amp output and then connect that to a victron DC to DC charger that is capable or raising the AC200P aviation output voltage up to around 14.5 volts. The output from the Victron DC to DC charger would then be connected to your batteries.

Or you could go the easy route and buy a normal AC powered battery charger. You did not mention if you were using solar but you could also connect a charge controller to a solar panel to direct charge the batteries.