Best practice to charge ac200

I have a question about the best practice to to charge ac200 for better battery life and why. Below are some of the choices.

  1. Irrespective of the remaining battery charge percentage, charge ac200 to full whenever you have a chance.

  2. Let the battery drain to a certain percentage before starting to charge it again. If this is the best choice, what range of the percentage is best?

  3. Drain the battery all the way down once in a while and then charge it fully.

Please add your recommendation not on the list.


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Good question. I look forward to others experience and opinions

Once used I would recharge for next use, let the BMS handle the rest. Most batteries dont like to be charge all the way down, although Bluetti h wont let that happen as a certain amount is protected within the BMS system. Just enjoy your AC200

That is what I do now. I often made a few coffees and it only used about 6% of charge, I immediately charged it up to 100% again. I wonder if each charge, however small, counts into the maximum times of charge.

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I also wondered that. So far I have charged it 2 times. The initial charge when it arrived and once from 94% to 100% for a test we were doing here