Best new AC300 and 200 MAX product info

This info is for the AC300 and AC200 MAX…not sure why the EB70 pic is attached to the link.


Thanks for sharing this Scott!

It does seem a pretty good system (price dependant) and a good upgrade. Just a shame they won’t work with the older units fully (apart from just acting as any other battery).

I am intrigued by the B300 increasing the solar charging rates. I obvs don’t fully understand, but I’d have though that meant it had some kind of solar charging capabilities.

Ouch, the B300 battery weighs in at 74lbs!

Yeah, it’s hefty. A typical 3840wh (300ah) LiFePO4 battery alone weighs approximately 69lbs, so I’m not at all surprised at the weight of the B300.

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That’s what trolleys are for!

What I like about the B230 and B300 is the versatility. They can be used as stand alone DC power banks, so would be great to keep a mini fridge/freezer going for days in a power outage or for a week-long camping trip. An external MPPT controller will be available for charging them.

Since I have an AC200 and an AC200P, I would use them this way to preserve the AC200/P for high wattage/short duration appliances like a microwave or toaster oven or coffeemaker in a power outage, and if solar is limited, eg in winter, I can use them to recharge the AC200/P as well. They will fit on the trolleys I have already.

I think I want to get either the AC200Max or the AC300 in addition to at least two expansion batteries, because of the additional capabilities when combined with those units. Weight is a consideration, so for now I’m leaning towards the AC200Max and B230s.