Best battery maintenance

Bluetti AC180

Which is the most efficient setting for A/C charging for both battery maintenance/life, and economy of mains power usage (if any) …

As in standard or silent mode …

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Well, right off the bat, charging the battery from the Grid, there’s not much you can improve on beyond plugging it in and letting it charge. I assume you know to leave AC/DC output swiches off.

The only other way to go is to connect some solar panels so you won’t need the Grid.

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Keep the battery on a solid level (at least 10%) and dont leave it too long on a low level.

As for AC Charging, i would recommended to not charge it with full power (less heat generated, longer battery life span)

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So on that basis would silent mode be more efficient and cost affective than standard ?

In theory yes because the Fan does not work or on a lower level. Unless you dont need it i would go with the standard mode. Batterys dont like it when they get to hot.

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Yes good point there … thx