Behavior after power restored

I think it could be a problem for all batteries, but here is my problem. I have an Ecoflow Delta that I wanted to use like a UPS for some of the pump in my salt tank. I want the grid to provide power while there are no issues and when the power goes down the battery will take over and switch back when the grid is restored. It works fine if the outage is short. If the outage is long and battery is depleted then when the grid comes back it stays off. I was horrified that while I was away the tank had no power for 3 days.
Now I have an Bluetti AC200P, will I get auto grid when the power comes back, or it needs some one to push the button?

Unfortunately for you, I think you will have to press the button to turn it on… then on the screen, you must activate AC (“on”).
In your case, perhaps you need to add solar panels to extend the life of the battery in the event of a power outage. Please note: on AC200P, the solar power supply (when there is sunshine) is able to turn on the AC200P by itself, you do not have to press the green button. However, I think you will still have to activate AC on the screen (set to “on”).

Thanks. I suspected the answer will be the one you provided. So it is another useless battery that advertises itself as UPS like but it is not. If it had WiFi connectivity I could mitigate, but it looks like it will be sold.

The EF app has an “AC always on” switch. It is under “Lab features”.
If this is set, the AC is turned on automatically when power is restored.
One of the few things they do better. Otherwise I find Bluetti’s products (but not support!) superior in many ways.

I think you should look at the new Bluetti AC200L, it may meet your needs.

how is it my posts dont show up in this forum?

I don’t want to give them anymore money.
Something simple like below would work. I am working on it to put it in a box.
“ AC 85-240V 110V 220V 230V 10A Dual Power Supply Automatic Switching Controller Module for Emergency Battery Switching”

This may be a good solution for you most of the time.
To adjust your AC200P you can read the following post and mark’s tests.

It seems that you need to deactivate the ecomode, and you need to put AC to ON.

Ps However, you still have the following case where the solution will be faulty: you have a network outage, the system switches to the Bluetti battery, the battery runs out completely before the network is restored, the battery turns off. The network is restored… In this case you need to turn on the battery so that it recharges and turn the AC to on for the next outage.