battery problem ac200max...

high bluettis fromm Austria!
I own 2 ac200max - one with 2 B230 and one with 2 B300.
sometimes the battery level cut down from about 60 - 30 down to 0 percent! (over night and Off !!)

please, can you help me with an update!
thanks and a nice day! Marti

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Sorry for the inconvenience. the abnormal SOC jump of AC200MAX can be solved by firmware update.
SN codes received and I have submitted them to the engineer for you. The update is expected to be pushed out within 5 hours, so please watch for the notification then.


thank you for the quick Response !!!
I have updated and watch the effect …

can you help me too, same problem here, loosing charge overnight, BMS 1017-02

my SN: AC200M2231000090515
BMS 1017.02

SN code received. The update is expected to be pushed out within 3 hours.

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thank you, just upgraded to 03 and my charge from yesterday show again, great.

I have exactly the same problem.
The battery on my AC200MAX drops from 100% to 35% overnight - even when nothing is plugged into the unit and it is fully turned off.

Serial Number AC200M2217000740740
ARM v4008.03
DSP v4005.07
BMS v1017.02

Can you send me the latest firmware?