Battery losing power when turning off

My battery is at 100% charge and I turn it off powering down and when I go to turn it back on either a couple hours later or a day later the battery has now gone from 100% charged down to around 60% charged and needs it then fully charge back I am confused why it is doing this because of this issue I have had to just leave the battery on at all times.

what model is that?
if it’s a model such as AC300 or AC500, what if you unplug the battery wire, wait a few hours, and then only check the battery level?


I tested it this way (500 Pro).
No cables, display on, WiFi off, Bluetooth off.
3% less in 8 hours
Percentage is quite imprecise, an extra Watt indication for remaining power would be a nice option.

Most likely you are not turning it fully off but putting it in standby instead.

@Sawtooth Please make sure that you have switched off the battery completely.

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As much as I wish it was that simple. I am turning off the battery fully.

Secondly, if that was the case this would not explain why after 1 day or less than 3 hours the battery would drop 30% while in standby

Either way, this would not explain why the battery drops 30% in less than a day while on standby.

Having a similar issue, I have an AC200. Charging with solar or AC, unit indicates 100%, if I power down then back on it goes to 67%… Figured its just the indicator/meter thats off, tested by connecting a load of around 400w, when the unit got to 19% it stalled there for almost 2 hours so I let it run to zero then charged with a constant voltage via ac charger to see if it would correct and negative, got to 100% turned it off then back on again back to 67%. Not earth shattering since its somewhat accurately discharging with the long stall at 19% but would prefer it to be accurate,

Does it have AC and DC outputs that you can turn on/off through the touchscreen or app? (I have to use the app instead of the touchscreen to do this on AC500.)

I also have a Jackery, and it says to check the charge on it every 3 months and recharge if needed.

Battery calibration might be at play here. That is, the battery might not have lost as much as the readings say, or maybe it really wasn’t at 100%.

Google the youtube video about “Battery Calibration.” He explains that it’s not the battery that needs calibration, but the electronics/software of the generator. I calibrated mine but after adding 2 more batteries, the readings are a bit off again. One of them will stop charging at 90% and go into standby. I’ll then turn on Grid charging and it will jump to 100% instantly. Another will stay at standby at 100% while the rest start discharging to as low as 80% before it starts discharging.

@Sawtooth Which battery do you have? Did you do a full cycle of charge and discharge?

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Actually it would explain a 30% drop in one day. There is substantial overhead power consumed from the product being turned on even with no load.