Battery Firmware - Which versions are good?

Hi, in some threads, I saw that some people have trouble with some Firmware versions on some devices.
Let’s share and collect our experiences here, so we know when it is a good time to upgrade.
Is anyone in?

Let me start –
I have an AC200P L wich is currently running fine with the current versions:

IoT v9041.06
ARM v2140.04
DSP v2130.11

  • Internal battery: v1065.02
  • External B210: v1036.05

Both BMS seem to have upgrades available.
Should I upgrade now?
The only BMS issue I currently see is that the two batteries usually differ in SOC between 5% and 15% instead of being perfectly parallel.

Sorry, we have not released any firmware specifically for the battery pack.
If there is a difference in the SOC, you can try a charge-discharge cycle. Ultimately, they will all be fully charged and discharged together, there will be no problem.


  • disconnected all outputs
  • Charged to 100% with PV
  • disconnected all inputs
  • discharged to 0% with AC devices
  • reconneced PV and Mains to go back to normal (UPS Mode with PV prio).

Battery packs are still out of sync.

Do I need a 0-100-0 Cycle?
Could it be a problem, that after reaching 100%, PV was still connected for a minute, while discharging to 99%?
Or what else might be wrong?

Hi @Heiko, The SOC of the AC200PL and B210 cannot be perfectly synchronized. This is normal and does not require further battery calibration. It does not affect usage. Please feel free to contact us if you need more help.