Battery drain + strange charging


Trouble with the ac200p.
When I charge via solar and for example I have a 50w input, the battery still slowly discharges. Nothing is on. DC or AC.
I read that the ac200p consumes 5w without AC or DC on, or even more. But still, this doesn’t make sense.
The other thing is, when I charge and I’m at about 70%, it suddenly jumps to 100%.This is the second time. Sometimes i use 300w battery to charge AC200p. I’ ll post the setup.
Never happened with solar.
Anyone having the same issues?

I forgot to mention…
I bought the AC200p in July.
When I first turned it on, it already had six pages of errors/fault.
At first I thought the product had been tested, but I’m beginning to suspect they sold me a used one. I hope I’m wrong.

Hi @Snoos , The machine exists no-load power consumption, and will slowly discharge , which is a normal phenomenon.
As for your machine charging will jump power problem, we recommend that you first calibrate the battery power first.

First discharge the machine to 0%, then charge it to 100% with the AC port. During this time it needs to be charged continuously, not disconnected, and not with a loaded device.

We suggest you try this first and then see if the AC200P still has this problem.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Thanks for reply,

i thought that full discharge and charge to 100% was with the older Li-ion batteries, like old Nokia phones. I’ll give it a try.