Battery backup w/ solar input

I would love to see a product designed for power outage use. It would be a big hit in California where we lose our power constantly due to the fires. I use the AC50s for that purpose right now but a product specifically designed for the purpose would be great. I would use the product to keep my home network working but a larger version for fridges etc would be useful to some.

Here is what I would like to see on the product:

  • A light just like the AC50s. Ideally it would turn on (toggleable) when the power goes out.
  • More power plugs
  • Allow at least 400 watts of solar
  • Automatic handling of the power switch over with no down time.

Hear, hear. But may I know the maximum weight you can take for a unit like this?

Weight isn’t really an issue because this kind of device isn’t moved much. I wouldn’t really care.

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I believe many buy these products for that reason. I bought a few for that reason.

To note it would be nice to have a grab and go 700Wh one similar to the Ecoflow R600 Pro with fast charging.

Your dreams have come true:

The AC200P, the upcoming AC200 MAX, the upcoming AC300, and upcoming EP500 could be ideal. I will be purchasing the AC300 for that purpose. The part about automatically switching over from the grid to your generator has to be taken care of by appropriate wiring and hardware OUTSIDE of the generator itself.

You may be suggesting that it has an integrated transfer switch, or use a WiFi communications to control a transfer switch. That will add hundreds of dollars to the hardware, although it is practical for the fastest power transfer iF the load is specialized and needs it.