Batteries information

What are the differences between the lithium battery and the Lifpo4? Are their differences between AC, B, EP and fusion box?

I am new to solar and am looking for information/guidance.

Lastly, does solar protect against EMP, earth directed CME and solar radiation?


LiFePO4 is one of many types of Lithium Ion battery. LiFePO4 is less energy dense, but has more cycle life. So it holds less energy for the same size/weight but degrades slower with use. Good for applications where seize/weight is less important (stationary backup battery), less good for applications where capacity and light weight matters more (phone or electric car).

AC and EB are both series of all in one battery with chargers and inverter.
B are only batteries and charger, meant to be used with some AC units.
Fusion Box connects 2 AC 300/500 units for 240v output.

I don’t know about EMP

The lithium iron phosphate cells have a lower average cell voltage of just 3.2 VDC while the previous lithium ion cells have a 3.2 VDC average voltage. So you need more LiFePO4 cells in series for a certain power value. But it is also more heat resistant, such that they need no fan or ventilation at all, elimination fire threats. There is always a BMS (battery monitoring system) attached to any battery using the cells to maintain equal charge across all cells in series and parallel. This is why the newer B series are more trustworthy.

There is a new market offering direct auto battery replacements because lead acid cells hold an average of 2.1 VDC and six in series gets 12.6 VDC. Using LiFePO4 cells, we need four in series to get 12.8 VDC which makes then much better with less weight. The only factor limiting their common use across all auto brands is their cost, about $300 per battery when lead acid batteries still cost less than $150 for the same capacity (about 300 CCA). But the future of LiFePO4 cells is bright with lowering prices, so expect these new batteries as an option at many auto suppliers and some auto brands.

I plan to do this swap on my Ford Fusion Hybrid soon. Since it has no conventional starter, and the motor/generator starts the gas engine with the main high voltage (450 V) traction battery, the 12VDC battery is small and can be a LiFePO4 type.

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