batteries, cables and chargers in South Africa for EB240

Hi Where can i get or from where can import D050A charger kit, and P090D-7909 to connect Battery B230 with Bluetti EB240 power station.

+1 for more Bluetti products needed here in South Africa. I have a 200MAX, want a B300, but it is not sold anywhere locally.
@Bluetti there is a vast market here in SA for you!

@surf @joe22
After confirming with the African marketing department, you can currently purchase our machines on takealot, but no accessories are currently available.
The official website of BLUETTI South Africa will be opened in late May, and you will be able to order the products you need on the website then!

Why is the AC200P priced higher than the AC200MAX on the website you linked above?

You can directly consult the support on BLUETTI takealot regarding the price :)

I see Bluetti has launched their South African site, and are selling the AC200Max with a 4 year warranty. I bought my AC200Max in March 2023 from Bluetti’s (then) only reseller: I was only offered a 2 year warranty. How do I get the extended warranty?