Bag for camoflage of EB70

I saw a fellow on YouTube who described a soft cooler type bag for the EB70, which fits like a glove.
I purchased one to “camo” the solgen when not in use in the vehicle, so less likely to experience a breakin or theft. It is not vented, so likely will not use it when the EB70 is in use.
There are several outside net pockets, and one zip pocket for the charger and extra wires.
It is the 24 liter size, sold under the Lifewit brand, and here is the Amazon reference:


@whmccr8 i got the same one and yea it fits the EB70 perfectly! Just be cautious when putting the unit inside, not to hit any of the on/off buttons… made that mistake the first time. :man_facepalming:

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I got that bag on a “flash sale” (didn’t even know that was a thing) and it works fine. The strap attachment points seem kind of weak so I’m not going to use the strap while the EB70 is in it.

Also, Bluetti now sells a bag with the logo on it (which isn’t on their site) but is on Amazon : BLUETTI Carrying Case Bag for EB70 EB55 AC50S Portable Power Station - Grey : Home Improvement

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