B80 Support and Product feedback

I have a new B80 accompanying an AC60. My use case is to operate them independently from time to time. In other words, independently charge the B80 through the solar/PV input and discharge through the DC out. I have two each 200W solar panel systems for a total of 400W and I would like to connect one 200W to the B80 and the other 200W to the AC60 at the same time. It is fine without the connecting plug, but do they need to be disconnected to do that?

1 I have not been able to connect with the B80 over Bluetooth from the Bluetti app. Is this planned or never?

2 Where is the B80 online manual?

3 What is designed for simultaneous solar charging with or without the AC60-B80 cable?

4 What is the capability of the app with other Bluetti master and slave batteries?


@Blue The following explanation is for your reference.
It is possible to connect one 200W panel to B80 and another 200W panel to AC60 at the same time, without disconnecting AC60 and B80.

  1. The battery pack cannot be connected to APP alone, you need to connect to the host and then connect to APP.

  2. The following link is the online manual

  3. When the battery cable is not connected, the solar panel can only charge a single machine.

  4. When the battery cable is connected, both solar panels can charge the whole system. Master-slave refers to the dual firewire feature (AC300/AC500), which is not available on the AC60.


On 3 & 4, Are you saying if I connect the AC60 & B80 with the linking cable, then I can connect 200W of solar panels within the Voltage and current limits to the AC60 and I can connect at the same time 200W of solar panels within the Voltage and current limits to the B80, using my 4 x 100 Watt panels?

Disconnected from the AC60, the B80 seems to charge fine through the 8mm solar connector to the internal MPPT.

I will have some suggestions for the app later.

Thanks for the prompt reply, have a fine 4th!

I had this question too. Am very glad this is a supported configuration! Am surprised it’s not mentioned in the manual at all.

I figured it’d work without the AC60 to B80 link, but having the link supported is awesome as it shows the combined input wattage from both arrays, and presumably will charge the B80 more quickly once the AC60 is at full charge?

In any case, it’s a nice feature that should definitely be mentioned as it greatly enhances the usability.

I assume if 2 B80s are linked, we could use 3 200W panels in the system, is this correct @BLUETTI?

Hard to see, but pulling in 262W from 2x200W panels.

  1. The open circuit voltage of the solar panel should be within 28V, and the current can be exceeded. Yes, the solar panel can be connected to AC60 and B80, but when 2 100 watt panels are connected in series, the voltage may be exceeded, so it is not allowed.
  2. B80 is not connected to AC60, the solar panel connected to B80 can be charged to B80 alone

Right, When AC60 is fully charged, is will charge B80 faster.
If AC60 is connected with 2B80s, it is available to use 3200W panels in the system.