B80 Power Bank Mode

I have 3 of the B80s all work successfully when connected to an AC60 via supplied expansion cable but only 2 operate correctly when trying to operate them in Power Bank mode using optional aviation cable connected to an AC180 or EB70.
All 3 units are operating on the latest firmware.
I am assuming a faulty unit, so can Bluetti Australia advise return procedure.

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@DJR Yes. One of the B80s may be faulty, please contact the after-sale support for repair.

I have but they don’t seem to understand, funny how you understand the unit is faulty.

Just posted a new article about my issues with Bluetti Australia, we don’t seem to be the only ones, their CEO promises the world in a recent video but here we are both having issues.

Hopefully these issues are heard but not holding my breath.

Time for legal action I feel!

@DJR To enter the power bank mode, when B80 is connected to AC180 or EB70, you need to hold the power button of B80 for more than 5 seconds until the power light of B80 flashes.
I checked with the CS, and they can’t make sure which model did you connect with B80 and it does not enter power bank mode. Anyway, If 3 B80s are connected to the same host, 2 B80s can enter power bank mode, and 1 can’t, then it can be sure that there is a problem with one B80. If three B80s are connected to different hosts, it can’t confirm that it is a problem with the B80. According to the description post, I assume that there is a problem with B80. If you confirm and want to return it, I can contact the CS to help you ASAP.

I have had several emails with customer service in Australia and they are not reading the correspondence correctly.

I have three B80 batteries so I understand how to make them enter power bank mode.

Further for that matter I also have four B230’s which I also understand how to make them enter power bank mode when required to do so!

I am an electronic engineer so I have a sound understanding of these units and fault diagnosis etc.

Two successfully enter power bank mode and one doesn’t, when I am trying to connect the B80 units to an AC180 or EB70.

So again I will state two work one doesn’t.

Don’t know why it is so hard to understand.

And by the way in an early post you commented that one is faulty!

I also have a separate issue with an AC60 which is connected via the aviation connector to a B80 that they are getting confused over.

The AC60 has an issue when operating in UPS mode which I won’t detail here but have had several correspondences with them over that also needs addressing.

So again I will state there are two separate issues.

Again several emails sent but they are only reading some information and not understanding that there are two faulty items.

One B80 and one AC60!

I have suggested a very workable solution to resolve these issues but it is not being listened to.

Having spent over $19,000.00 AUD on Bluetti products I am now very disillusioned and have no confidence in your products and customer support.

These units are used for business and presently are causing disruptions which will not continue to be tolerated.

The workable solution is for me to purchase a further AC180, I already have two of them so know that they now function well with the updated firmware.

I would then be returning the faulty AC60 & B80 for a full refund as they are defective.

Not sure why this has not been agreed to.

@DJR I understand your situation. I’m sincere sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your support for our products. Please don’t worry and the CS will process the return for you ASAP.

Have just taken delivery of the 3rd AC180 which is going to be used to replace the AC60 & B80 combination that has faults.

Installed and operating well in UPS mode after updating firmware.

Very happy to now have a reliable UPS for important equipment.

Big thanks to Elaine and Carina from Bluetti Australia for arranging the return of AC60 & B80 and the purchase of the replacement AC180.

Hi… Im having similar issues with my B80 connecting to my AC180 via the avionics cable… The B80 will not go into power bank mode… I am a retired IT professional having done over 35 years in IT and have conducted basic fault finding (eg. resetting all cables / devices).