B80 not charging via 200W AC adapter

Just got my B80 expansion battery and plugged it into my Bluetti 200W AC adapter that came with my EB240 and it’s not charging. I had it connected for 6 hrs and it’s still showing 3 green lights.

Do I need a different AC adapter?

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@Alan_Walls Is the adapter T200 or T200S?
Is it charged to 3 lights that do not move, or has not been charged in?

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I’m not sure about the adapter model. It’s the one that came with the EB240. The battery shows 3 steady lights when the adapter is plugged in. After looking around the adapter I have must be 10amp?

I ordered a new adapter off your Amazon store 25.2v/8amp. I think that is the correct AC adapter (T200S).

So after close examination of the 200W AC adapter that came with the EB240, it’s a 5amp/40V power adapter. So the volts are too high for the B80 expansion battery. The T200S should work fine and I’m going to get a T500 for a little faster charging of the EB240.


I’m not quite clear. What is the recommended ac adapter to charge the B80 as a free standing device?

I believe the correct AC adapter for the B80 is the T200S 8amp - 25volt. The one I was trying to use was the one that came with an EB240 5amp - 40volt.

I can confirm, the T200S is the AC adapter that works with the B80. Got mine in and charged the B80 to full. No problems.

The T200S is nowhere to be found. It is neither listed on Bluetti’s site nor available at their Amazon store. So what are we supposed to do for standalone charging???

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I purchased mine through the Amazon store. It looks like they’re out of stock at the moment. Keep an eye out for them to be restocked.

BLUETTI T200S AC Adapter & DC7909 to XT60 Cable for 400W Dual Charging, Compatible with Portable Power Station EB55/EB70S Amazon.com

I also charge the B80 with a 200w solar panel. The specific one I use is a Renogy.

Renogy Solar Panel 200 Watt 12 Volt, High-Efficiency Monocrystalline PV Module Power Charger for RV Marine Rooftop Farm Battery and Other Off-Grid Applications, 200W, Single https://a.co/d/hMe2k9y

Thank you for the info. I’ve got a PV200 I can use, I just like to have all options available for convenience. It’s frustrating not to have support accessories available when needed (like the aviation => DC7909 until this week). The fact that AMZ doesn’t even know if it’s available nor does it exist on Bluetti’s site makes me wonder if it is discontinued.

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I hear ya. Just keep an eye on the T200S Amazon page and hopefully you ordered that aviation adapter for the B80. I’m sure it’s going to sell out quickly.

Indeed I did. Might need to browse third-party solutions in the meantime.