B80 Expansion Battery

Hi there having purchased the B80 expansion battery on release day for the purpose of giving me the option to expand the capacity of my EB70 and AC180, as the big advert for months before release stated it could not only be used with the AC60 but could be used to expand other Bluetti devices aswell. I am really dissapointed to learn that Bluetti released the B80 to purchase without having even released the sale of this Aviation-P07909 cable that you need to be able to connect to the other devices. Firstly why was this not released without prior notification?? and Secondly when will it be being released in the UK the exact date not the expected date. All it states is the cable is (Sold Seperately). Thanks.

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After confirming with the UK site sales staff, the earliest this cable will be available on BLUETTI UK site is mid to late September.
If you have any further requests you can contact our UK site support at sale-uk@bluettipower.com. Thanks!

The cable has today been released and appears on the Australian site.
Not sure if they will post it to the UK but worth asking if you need it sooner.

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Hi there thanks very much for letting me know this. Would you be able to send me a direct link to the cable please. Thanks in advance.

Don’t bother trying to order from there, website checkout page does not permit shipment to locations outside of Australia!