B80 cord needed?

I just pre-ordered a B80 which I plan on using for add-power for either my EB3A or my EB70S. I find only that a “Aircraft to DC7909” cord is required, but could not find this to add to my order.

I’ll really be appreciative if someone might advise me as to what cord I need order so I may use the B80 when it is delivered?

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I’ve been told the B80 can be charged by the Bluetti Cigarette Lighter Output port to DC5521

They’ve announced the Aviation → DC7909 as well as the Aviation → XT60 cables but they haven’t been launched for sale yet. Until then you can do what @YardGuy suggested and use a car charging cable (cigarette lighter to DC7909) to charge your EB3A/EB70S from the B80. It’ll only charge at about half the speed @ 100W.

@georger Yes, the B80 requires an optional cable to connect to the EB3A or EB70S. This cable is expected to be available at the end of June at the earliest, thank you for your attention.