B80 charging other than with a T200S Power Brick

Just a quick shout out to see if anybody has found a suitable power supply to charge the B80 with, other than the Bluetti T200S.

The T200S works well but in an office environment the constant fan noise is excessive.

I have tried a 132watt 24Volt 5.5Amp plug compatible switch mode that did not work.

So I am hoping somebody else has tried to do similar and can point me in the correct direction.

For reference the B80 is being used to increase run time of an AC180 when grid power drops off.

Appreciate any help.

I would think that you could plug the AC180 to AC and plug the cigarette lighter port cord in the AC180 and charge the B80 that way, but it would be limited to around a 100w charge. That would be around 8+ hours to charge completely. If there was no sun out to charge with, it should work, but kinda pointless for having the B80 expansion battery for what you would use it for.