B300 won't recharge on AC

B300 won’t recharge on the 500w ac adaptor. It turns on and seems to work, but the light just flashes and the charge indicator is staying at 20%.

Any suggestions? Fuse?

Seems an odd thing to break if that’s what’s happened.

Any help appreciated

Is it the Bluetti T500 adapter? Is the fan on, and what color is the light on the power brick?

The power brick charges my ac200p as normal, so it’s not that. Unfortunately.

Have you tried discharging the battery at all to see if its alive?

During charging all five of the percent progress lights should either be solid green or flashing green depending on state of charge. If you only have a single 20% light flashing then something is wrong.

I had this exact same issue with both of my B300 units. Neither will charge from the AC300 nor directly from the T500 (LED stays green). Eventually both B300s went completely dead and will not power on at all. Contact Bluetti, yours may have been damaged during shipment like mine were.