B300 will not charge from D050S Charging Enhancer?

Hello, I’ve reached out to tech support but am still in the queue. I thought I would post here in case someone has already run into this problem and solved it.

I have a B300 expansion battery connected to my AC300 power station. I bought the D050S DC Charging Enhancer plus cables in order to charge my battery while driving.

With the engine running (but parked), I connected the D050S charging enhancer to one of the 12V cigarette lighter ports on my van. I plugged the other end of the D050S into the auxilliary port on my B300 battery.

At first, the light on the D050S charging enhancer was green, but it immediately turned red. And although I waited awhile, it did not appear that the battery was charging. I didn’t see any watts coming on the touch screen of the AC300 and the % battery remaining did not change.

I only have the one battery, but it charges fine when connected to AC shore power, so I know the battery is okay.

Also, I tested my cigarette lighter port using my cell phone and it charges fine, so I know there is power coming from it.

I did notice when I unplugged everything that the D050S cable was HOT to the touch. Specifically, the cigarette lighter end of the cord was hot.

I am wondering if I have a defective cable or a defective charging enhancer?

Alternatively, I have seen on Youtube videos that if the voltage coming into the D050S charging enhancer is too high, it won’t charge the battery. The person I was watching was using solar panels, not a 12V cigarette lighter port. I don’t see how the voltage from my van’s 12V cigarette lighter port could be “too high.”

Any thoughts are appreciated. Right now, I feel like I wasted $200 on the charging enhancer if it won’t work to charge my system while driving.


@Beedrew If the D050S was connected with B300, you can’t see whether it is charging from the touch screen of the AC300. If the light is red, that means it is charged.

@BLUETTI_CARE , thanks for responding. When first plugged in, the DS50S light is green for a few seconds, then turns red even though the B300 is at only 77 percent. What does this indicate? Thanks.

@Beedrew It indicates nothing. The charging requires a start-up process.