B300 to B300s adapter cable

So I purchased a B300s battery on the indiegogo campaign for use with my AC300 not realizing they are not directly compatible. Is it feasible to use the B300 adapter cable backwards to connect a b300s to an AC300? I’m not sure Bluetti wants to affirm this question as it might open them to some liability since the b300 cables have smaller contacts and conductors and might be overloaded if to many batteries are connected in series. Maybe they will confirm it? Unless there is some software problem I don’t understand why this wouldn’t work? If someone out there has an AC 300 a b300s and the adapter cable then maybe you already know?

Thanks for any help

I am intetested in the same arrangement, to add B300S batteries to my two AC300 setup.

why do you buy B300S batteries with the AC300? Are these better?

I’m not an electrical engineer, but my biggest concern with this would be the communications wires. The AC300 is capable of talking to the battery about its state of charge, as well as a number of other details. We know that they definitely changed the protocol somehow to accommodate the new heater in the B300S, so the question would be whether or not the AC300 can even talk to the B300S batteries. If they changed cell chemistry or charging profiles that might also make it risky to attempt to charge the B300S from the AC300, if it even works at all.

On the Bluetti you tube channel there is a video that clearly states a b300 cand be connected to a b300s with a p150d to p090d adapter cable. If I connect my b300 to my ac300 and my b300s to my b300 will this work?

Hi, P150D to P090D cable is used to connect B300 battery pack to AC500.

The adapter cable will also clearly connect an b300s to a b300……am I wrong? The YouTube video clearly states this. After a little bench testing I’m also now aware a B300s powers an AC300.


The b300s batteries are available on indiegogo at a discount

I received my p150 to p90 adapter cable. I can confirm it works with my b300s and AC300.

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