B300 solar charging limit question

It is my understanding that the B300 can be charged directly with solar at 200w up to 60v @10 amp.
I’m under the impression the only number here that could damage my unit is the voltage …would a single 260 w 38.10V voc. 9.05A isc. Panel Be safe to use with the pv input to the b300 ? I understand not to expect over 200w of charging but I’m more concerned about keeping the battery safe. is it correct the extra wattage is just wasted and wouldnt cause any issues and im safe as long as the Voltage remains well under the 60v limit?

Yes, you are correct. As long as the Voc never gets above the maximum listed for the device then you are OK. Any extra current capability of the panel that is greater than what the device can use will not be utilized, but that is perfectly fine. And, you will get better charging rates in less than ideal conditions with the extra output capacity of your panel. The 28.7 Vmp is well above the minimum 12 volts as well, so it’s a well-matched panel.

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