B300 - power button doesn't stop blinking, possible error?

Posted here because I saw someone else ask the same question, but didn’t see an answer, so hoping to get an answer here for others to reference:

I have one B300 where the power button starts blinking a few seconds after it’s been turned on, and does not stop. It seems to mostly work otherwise - I’m able to charge it through the AC300 (it does NOT charge in either DC input or AC input port), and it seems to provide power, but the blinking light keeps going. The other 2 working B300’s I have do NOT blink, which leads me to believe it’s an error msg of some sort.

What could this indicate? Here is a video of the blinking, compared to a battery that does not blink:


Hi @avlena,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
The power button is abnormal. Could you please use the charger to charge the B300 and see what happen?

apologies, I just saw this. Charging to 100% worked, and it does output power but it still blinks like something is wrong, and I’m nervous to keep using it. Ultimately, we’re getting a replacement for it from Bluetti (already notified of the incoming shipment).

Okay, that’s fine.
If the replacement has any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Has anyone figured out what this issue is about? I just received my AC300 & B300 and the B300 power light is flashing also. Trying to charge now but doesn’t teem to want to go past 87%.

It required a replacement unfortunately.

A long press of the B300’s power button is required to turn on the battery to supply power to an AC200P or EB150/240, the button will blink so you can tell its on. Any chance you did a long press of power button during your AC300 setup?

I think I did do a long press of AC300 power button instead of the B300 or I might have done both.

Hi @Klef,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Power B300 off and back on. Note not to press and hold the button for more than 5s. And pls check if the type-c works.

I just received my ac 300/ b 300 and the B 300 battery power button is blinking. I have tried to reach out to bluetti with no success. Anybody have any suggestions…Help

Hi @Jdelucca , It should be a problem of BMS communication failure. Please check if all the connection cables are properly plugged in and tightened.
If the power button blinking problem still occurs even though all cables are plugged in properly, please contact our support department via service@bluettipower.com as soon as possible for further solutions. Thanks for your kind cooperation.

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We have done all of the following, still blinking

Reached out to service department at Bluetti…no response

Hi @Jdelucca , may I have your email address please?
We’ll check it for you first and inform the support department to handle your letter as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your cooperation :slight_smile:

Here is my email address…delucca.butler@gmail.com
Thanks for your help…I’m assuming they are overwhelmed with everybody getting ready for what’s about to happen…

Hi @Jdelucca , Thanks for sharing your email address.
We have spoken to support and they will process your email within 24 hours. Please check your inbox for emails at that time. Thank you again for your patience and understanding

I have a similar issue.

Ac300 with 2 B300.
The B300 are empty. Loading with AC300 fails (softstart failed).
Direct loading the B300 via 12V also doesn‘t work.

Both B300 are blinking after a few seconds.

What should I do ?

Thanks for your help