B300 output to AC200P

The PO90D plug has an output of 9.9 volts, which is not enough to charge my AC 200p in either PV or car mode. The B300 is fully charged. I’ve even tried the 12v output from the B300, but alternates between 9amps at 14v for a moment and then goes to zero. Am I doing something wrong or do I have a faulty unit?

I don’t think you can directly connect the B300 or B230 into an AC200 unit. I think you might need the DO50S to convert the voltage to the right range first.

With a long press of the B300’s power button so that its blinking you should get about 53 volts through the P090D plug. The AC200P needs to be somewhat discharged for it to accept a charge from the B300.

If you just short press the power button so a steady green light shows you will probably get a phantom voltage reading with no current, mine reads around 20 volts. The power button needs to be blinking to get any current.

Not sure about your 12v outlet issue. Mine puts out about 13.2 volts and charges other devices fine

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Thank you eric102. It was just that simple. Long press on the power button and the system is working like a champ. Makes me wonder what the short press is for.

If I remember right a short press of the big power button was required before the 12v power button could be activated and it also allows you to check the battery state of charge.