B300 Output ports?

Does anyone know if they Aviation Port is available as an output port on the B300 or is it limited to a cigarette lighter type output? Thank you!

There are many ports. Someone else will need to tell you which ones. Sorry

That can be found on the AC300 and the AC200Max. The B300 and B230 batteries only have the cig port, usb-a and 100W usb-c

This shows the inputs for the B300 and B230

There are no AC 120 OUTLETS ON THE A300 ???

CRAZY if not!

Through which port do you connect the B300 to the AC200P?

Of course there are. Six on the front. Your photos are side views.

Through the aviation input or through the AC brick port using special cables.

Soul Gen. Look at the end of the B300 and you will see 4 (four) 120V plugs.

Mark we are talking about the B300 120v plugs not the AC200P plugs.

Let’s try this again.

You asked: “There are no AC 120 OUTLETS ON THE A300 ??? CRAZY if not!”

I answered: “Of course there are. Six on the front.” Here is a picture of those six AC 120v outlets on the front of the AC300.

You also comment: “Look at the end of the B300 and you will see 4 (four) 120V plugs.”

To which I say: Those are NOT 120v outlets on the end of the B300. Those are the connection ports that link the various extension packs to each other and the AC300 by cables. See:




The B300 is basically a battery pack. It has no inverter and does not output any AC current. Only DC current. It has no 120v AC outlets.


Thanks Mark. You are right. I appreciate you clearing it up for me. Wow 6. Now I am clear. 6 on AC 300. 0 on the B300. Boy was I confused. I really wanted some 120v on the B300. Wishful thinking I suppose.
Thanks again.

Great pictures. My head is clear now.

Thanks for your reply SoulGen.