B300 on its side?

Considering a B300 for my AC200P. I expect bluetti would just say no, but is there an issue with having the battery mounted on its side?

Where I want to put it is a bit awkward and restricts access to the buttons on the front. Remedied by placing it on its side and everything is perfect.

Is this a big mistake?

I would not place on the side if it will be in a moving vehicle subject to vibrations, bumps etc. The battery is quite heavy and the mounting hardware is not designed for other than vertical orientation. We have seen several posts regarding shipping damage due to the batteries breaking loose from their hold down hardware during shipping. The battery will function just fine, but in my personal opinion, I would not do it due to the size, weight and potential for damage.

Hi @Rob,

Please make sure that the vent will not be blocked. Because there are some outputs and inputs On the side of AC200P and B300. It may be inconvenient for you to charge or discharge.

I think the manual states it can be mounted on it’s side but it’s not recommended. Read up on it, I remember it in one section. It definitely says do not mount or ship upside down.

If it is going to be in a stationary location or properly secured from vibrations and tipping over, all that really matters is not to obstruct the vents.

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Yeah, you are right.