B300 losing 1% per hour

I have B300 connected to AC200MAX.
B300 has DC turned off.
AC200MAX has AC and DC off.
B300 loses ~1% charge per hour.

Without B300 connected, AC200MAX (with AC/DC off) had no battery loss after several hours and eventually shut itself off (green light on power button turned off).

I have not yet tested B300 disconnected from AC200MAX for loss yet.

What is draining my 1% per hour if all outputs are turned off?

Thanks in advance.

Check the output of the B300 battery connection while disconnected from the AC200. You might find voltage there even without the B300 turned off. On the B230 there is 14 volts on the output pins of the battery connection when power is off…

That’s exactly what it is. ~34 volts coming from the B300. That’s disappointing. That’s about the same amount of power my large ICECO uses. I’m more curious now about how much overhead there is while the DC is actually on as well as the AC200 overhead on its AC/DC. I’ve got the maximum amount of solar coming in, so it’s not a “problem”.

Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated.

Correction: B300 has ~13 volts at terminals when turned off.
When turned off, B300 doesn’t lose power.
When turned on and not connected to anything it still loses 1% per hour.
What ever is causing the drain is in the B300.
Perhaps BMS uses ~30wh. Is that normal? It seems high considering a fridge uses about the same amount of power.

That would explain why I can’t charge my B300 with a solar panel that is only producing 27W in the winter.

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