b300 connected to AC200p

I have owned an AC200P for several years and am very happy with this unit. Recently some medical issues have changed and my overnight usage has changed. Previously I needed about 1500 whrs for a typical overnight. That has changed to where I now need about 4270 watt hours for a typical overnight. Thus I have added the B300 to the AC200P. After purchasing the necessary cable to hook the two together I began testing. All works well for about 4 hours and the B300 will totally go dark and shut down. All it takes is a simple “restart” and the B300 comes back with a full 80% and almost immediately starts sending a charge to the AC200P. All then goes well for about another 4 hours and once again the B300 goes totally dark and shuts down. Once again, a restart shows it is at 60% and all works well. Throughout this entire time, the AC200P works correctly and continues to power the breathing equipment as it should. I have tried both ports on the B300 with the same results. I have tried taking both units down to total discharge and charging back up. I do realize that you need to hold the on switch on the B300 until it is flashing. The B300 works perfectly and sends charge to the AC200P for about 4 hours and then simply will shut down. Any ideas???

@jsals In power bank mode, the charging power of B300 is about 500W, and the capacity of AC200P is 2000Wh. It will stop charging after being fully charged in about 4 hours. Does the AC200P run out of power every time you restart the battery pack?

The B300 goes to sleep after 4 hours (eco mode) unless connected to one of the higher end units that can communicate with the battery. A work around is to turn on the B300’s DC button and it will stay on until zero percent.