B300 charging glitch

Hi All,

I have 1x AC300, and 4x B300. Pack 1,3,&4 are all behaving as expected. However Pack 2 is behaving oddly. (2 of the packs are new - 2 of them I’ve had for a month)

The green charging lights on the front are flashing as they should in sequence. However in the Bluetti app it’s showing the following:

The display on the AC300 is shows the same detail as the app.

Does anyone have any clue what’s happening, or more than likely what I’ve done wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Oh and I should add, according to the green lights on the front of pack 2 - it’s on about 60% SOC.

I have two AC300 and six B300. I suggest checking the P090A battery cables on that unit and be sure it is well seated in the extension port jack, and the lock switch is on. Elsewise, you can swap the order of the B300 battery cables on the AC300 expansion port. If the condition remains, then one of the AC300 ports may have a bad connection (one of the eight smaller jacks). If the condition moves, then move the B300 batteries in a different order (identify the failing battery with a piece of masking tape) and see if the same battery has the problem, If it does, the port jack of that B300 may have a bad connection. But if moving the batteries moves the problem to a different B300, than that cable is the cause.

Maybe you are lucky and the problem disappears after moving all the cables.

Hi @crsk ,
We have the following suggestions based on your situation.
1.Change another battery connection port in the unrecognized battery pack to try
2.Can you try another battery connection cable please?
Cross-test to see if it is a battery connection port or the cable problem.

Hi - I followed this & Raymondjram suggestion - I swapped ports and it’s working fine. Probably a poor connection from when I plugged it all in. All is working as expected now.

Oddly Pack 2 did charge fully (according to the green lights) prior to me fixing the cables, but it wasn’t detected by the AC300 for some reason. Now it’s detected and the AC300 also confirms that it’s fully charged.


Hi All, I just get my AC300 with 2 B300. I would like to charge my Bluetti with a micro wind turbine 750W. Can I connect the DC from diode bridge to the AC300 charging port for the PV?
Thanks for your help.