B300 & B300s batteries & EP500 Pro

What are the specific differences between the two batteries: B300 & B300s? I bought 2 B300 batteries to use with my EP500 Pro. Should I have purchased the B300s instead?

Hi @Sha ,
Sorry, B300S is currently only compatible with AC500.
B300 can connect to the EP500PRO, but this connection is not in expansion mode. You can refer to the following chart for details.

Hi! Thank you for responding to my questions. I don’t understand what you mean when you say “not in expansion mode”. Help me please. Does that mean the combined 6144wh isn’t added to the Ep500 Pro 5100wh totaling 11,244wh?

Hi @Sha , The total capacity of the EP500PRO will not increase when connected to a battery pack.

So the B300s don’t really add diddly to my usage of the EP500. They are however good stand-alone batteries and could be used with an AC-whatever.

Hi, if you connect the B300 to the AC300 then the thick cable supports charging/discahrging/communication and you can see the status of the B300 in the AC300. That is “not in expansion mode”.

Unfortunately the connection from B300 to EP500Pro ONLY supports charging the EP500Pro but you cannot see the status of the B300 in the EP500Pro Display/App.
The EP500Pro cannot charge the B300 via that connection.
For the EP500Pro the B300 is like you use your Car (or any other) battery to charge the EP500Pro.
And you have to charge the B300 manually via AC charging adapter and/or Solar Panel.

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Have you received your B300 already ?
One important point is that the B300 are using the same connection DC1/2 Input of the EP500Pro which you would use for the connection to the solar panel.
So you have to decide, either you connect a B300 OR a Solarpanels to DC1/2.

The B300 has an ac charging adapter? Would that be the D050S that’s supposed to be shipped in December? Or is it the t400/500 ac adapter? I’m totally confused now!!! Looks like I bought the B300s for no good reason.

To charge the B300 you can use either the supplied PV cable together wirh a solarpanel or attach it with the supplied cable to a ACxxx model or via AC directly via T500 Ac adapter (that you have to buy).
Together with EP500Pro you have only the option to charge the B300 via PV or AC adapter.
Unfortunately it seems that the EP500Pro was not desgined to add additional battery capacity.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you for the info. Just wondering can the B300 expansion battery be used with other brands or is it exclusive to Bluetti Power Stations?

Hi @Sha , B300 battery pack can only match BLUTTI power stations.

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I bought the Ep500 and it does not have the capability of expansion. So I broke down and bought the AC300 and B300 on Black Friday at $2999. That is the cheapest I seen to solve my battery expansion problem.

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I have 2 B300s I wanna keep them since they can function as standalones. However I’d also like to buy an AC300 but they don’t seem to sell them solo. It comes with a B300 which I really don’t need. For the moment I find myself stuck with indecision. :expressionless:

Here is the AC300 by itself on Bluette webpage. $1899

BLUETTI AC300 Inverter Module Generator | 3,000W ( Requires The B300 to Work )

5.0 (9 reviews)|

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Thank you very much!!!