B230 Strange Power Bank Mode Behaviour

I have four B230 expansion batteries and five B80 expansion batteries, all being used in Power Bank Mode.
The B80s all behaviour as expected when connected to any of the AC180s displaying a constant 22.4volt whether being loaded charging the AC180’s or in standby mode when AC180’s are 100% charged. However, when any of the B230s are connected to any of the AC180’s, they charge the AC180’s perfectly up to 100%, then exhibit a strange behaviour.
When monitoring the standby voltage of the B230s displayed on the AC180’s, it occasionally drops drops to zero volts for several seconds before coming back to the 51.2volts once the AC180’s are fully charged, ie B230s are under no load.
Furthermore, when the B230s are disconnected from AC180’s and connected to a volt meter under no load, they exhibit the same behaviour where as the B80s don’t.
Strange behaviour.

@DJR Does this problem only occur when the AC180 is almost fully charged? What was the input power of the AC180 at that time? Is it below 200W?

I did write that the B230’s exhibit this same behaviour when NOT connected to any AC180’s and are in Power Bank Mode connected to a voltmeter, so the question you asked about the AC180 is irrelevant.

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@DJR The question I’m asking is based on the possible reason. When the output power of B230 is less than 200W (the input power of AC180 in power bank mode) and lasts for 5 minutes, it will automatically disconnect and resume after 30 seconds. That’s why the voltage occasionally drops to zero volts for several seconds.

Thanks, now I understand its behaviour as the power draw on the B230s when exhibiting this behaviour is 0W.
Just to clarify the B80’s don’t have this same minimum 200W draw issue, correct?

@DJR Yes. There are different battery strategies between B230 and B80.

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