B230 Step 1: Turn ON/OFF B230

I just purchased a B230 to go with my AC200MAX and was looking over the manual, and section 9, 9.AC200MAX + B230 EXTRA BATTERYS, shows how to hook it up. However, the first step is:
Step 1: Turn ON/OFF B230.
Since it claims to be hot swappable, I’m not sure it matters, but does this mean:

  1. Turn on B230?
  2. Turn off B230?
  3. Turn it on then off.
  4. none of the above
    I was just going to assume it should be off, but though I’d ask.
    Also to bluetti, you might want to make step 1 in the manual a bit clearer.

Edited: Oops, didn’t know there was a category for expansion batteries. Can someone move this? Thanks.

Hi @rgb
After confirming with the technical staff, it should be a printing error in the manual. The correct way is to remove ‘OFF’. It is okay to either turn on B230 first and then connect the wires, or connect the wires first and then turn on B230.