B230 Solar charging?

So the only way to do PV charging is with the D050S unit with the appropriate plugs??

What happens if I connect the solar panels directly to the B230 with a DC7909 plug??

I am using a D050S DC Enhancer and it works great, gives me 500W of solar input. I bought a second one for a second B230 I have.
You cannot use solar directly in to the DC7909 input because it needs to be regulated to a constant voltage of about 54VDC. Solar as you know go up and down a lot. The enhancer ensures stable input to the B230 and also provides overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent protection. It also has a built-in MPPT to harvest the panels as efficient as possible. Without MPPT you would leave a lot of power out, even if it was possible to connect direct to the battery. So my advice, just get the D050S, works great.

Is the D050s an MPPT? Or a straight DCDC converter?

Must be MPPT for sure. If you think about it, you are charging right into the regular AC/DC charging input, so anything fancy has to be done in the D050S. This is different in the B300, which indeed has a dedicated solar input and MPPT in addition to the regular charging input (which you could use with a D050S).

OK,…thanks for the answers…

I guess I need to do some more tests. When I tried using three SP200 with just the included connector the B230 shut down due to over voltage. It worked fine with just two panels, but the charging time that way is too long.

So I bought the D050S. In my only trial, with three panels I got lower watts than directly with just two panels straight in.

Maybe it was user error. The weather isn’t conducive right now, but I’ll try again soon.

I finally did another test and confirmed that three SP200’s into the D050S under perform compared to two SP200’s directly into the unit. I got a maximum of 320 watts briefly, but more typically more like 190 - 230 with the three panels into the D050S. With just the two directly into the unit I got 335 max and 285 plus most of the time.

I don’t understand this. I’d sure like to understand why this is so. @daninus1, I wonder how you’re getting 500W with the D050S. What is your panel configuration?

From other posts it seems I may get better results if I get another panel so that I can have two sets of two serial, which I can connect in parallel.

I don’t want to spend for another SP200 and the needed connectors if this isn’t going to end up getting me a lot closer to the 500W.

@number37 , I currently use 2 fixed 250W panels on my roof. 60V/8.3A, which gives me close to 500W on a good day. Previously I had an over-paneled configuration with two sets of these, 2S2P (4 panels), e.g. capable of 16.6A @60V. As the D050S current limits the input, just like the AC200Max does, I had no issue operating like that with current limited to 10A. this gave me 500W frequently from the unit. And yes, I have to admit, OCV was higher than the max 60V input, but I have not had any issues.

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Thanks for that info. :+1:

I still don’t understand why I get the poor performance that I do with the D050S and the 3 200W panels, but I guess I’ll just have to find a Plan B or accept a longer recharge time than I’d like.

Could you please tell me what brand make or model of fixed 250 w solar panels you are using with the D050 enhancer i am also having lots of problems with it. thanks
maybe you can post a pic of them, the back label wit all info.

The manual for the D050S unti says it’s input is “12-60v and 10amps”.
So if using three panels in series you will likely hit a VOC limit as most panels are over 20v in VOC.

(, I currently use 2 fixed 250W panels on my roof. 60V/8.3A, which gives me close to 500W on a good day.)
I would love to know what brand or model# solar panels you are using 2 250w panels so i can order some i am having same issues with my D050

@trojan See below. They actually Trina 240W. For max power run 4 panels 2S2P.I also have some Trina solar 255W which I now run in 2S. I bought used ones on eBay. I have not had issues with the OCV even though I know it is not recommended…

thanks very much for your response

Could not find your panels but found something close so i got 2 of them,close to your spec’s see pic. got from San tan solar used panels. Hope they work well with my D050 enhancer.

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I have a similar question. I first purchased an AC200Max. I then purchased a B230 e tension battery. I assumed I could charge the B230 directly using 120 Esclante Solar panels. Yet, when the B230 arrived, I discovered that it has to be connected to the AC200Max to charge simultaneously.with solar panels.

Reading through this forum, it appears the Bluetti B230 can be charged directly with solar panels if the adapter Do50s is purchased…is that correct?

Secondly, I am new to all of this, so am also trying to understand terminology. The DO50S kit says it comes with pV charging cable and a car lighter adapter. Is it the PV charging cable what he solar panels would be connected to on order to charge the B230 directly from solar, without being attached to AC200Max?

Thanks for clarifying exactly what is needed to charge the B230 extension battery completely apart from being connected to the AC 200 Max

Hi @CEDean , You can connect the PV cable directly to charge through AC port.
If you connect the solar panel through DC port, you need to add another D050S to charge. Hope it can help you

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