B230 solar charging question

So I have an EB240 that I can charge with solar through a 7909 plug directly to the EB240 because it has an MPPT controller built in. Does the B230/B300 not have an MPPT controller? So I cannot connect my solar to it directly with my current 7909 plug from the solar panels?
It does not look like the D050S has a connection for a 7909 plug input, is that correct?

The B300 has a 200w input MPPT controller, don’t think the B230 has one.

On my B300 I input 200 watts of solar through it and then use a D050s to input another 500w of solar through the AC adapter port.

Can the B300 be charger using its own 200W MPPT at the same time that it is connected to the AC300 and charger but the MPPT on thr AC300? Or does the B300 MPPT input only works when it is not connected to the AC300?

You can input solar into the B300 and your AC300 at the same time for faster charging while both are connected.