B230 restart charging with solar

I’m still pondering whether to purchase a b230, as I’ve seen reviews where when the b230 is completely run down it does not automatically start recharging when solar becomes available. Has anyone experienced this? Or is this issue now corrected by bluetti with a firmware update?

Hi @Kingkong

Do you mean if the B300/B230 starts automaticly with charging when there is a PV Input connected?

I cant speak for the B230 but for the B300, i dont have any issues when charging them separately from my AC300 Unit. It really depends on your Solarpanel and the conditions too. To start charging, the Bxxx needs a certain voltage/power income. Bigger panel means mostly faster begin of charging.

Since i dont own a B230. Can @BLUETTI_CARE confirm, that B230 starts pv charging when the voltage is over a certain border?


@Kingkong @Selfmadestrom I’m sorry when the B230 is fully depleted, it will not automatically start charging when solar power is available. There is currently no firmware to fix this.

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