B230 expansion battery indicator incorrect

Hello. I have an AC200Max with a B230. Several times now, while charging from solar the B230 has shown a surprisingly low charge levels and stayed there for several hours. Turning it off and back on again, the level jumps considerably, more in line with the level I would expect based on the solar pull and the level of the 200Max. What is happening? Is this a known issue and is there a fix?

@jayzee If you disconnect AC200MAX and B230, will AC200MAX’s battery level still jump? Is the BMS firmware of AC200MAX 1017.03? If not, please upgrade and do a complete charge and discharge to correct the SOC.
Could you please provide me with the SN of AC200MAX and the firmware version?

Same, I have been using this combo since 2023 March and all good - but when I got the battery extension is when the charge started disappearing after every night of turning it off. In the morning without fail it would be a huge drop, often to 0%, even though the extension has been unplugged for 2 months now…

I recharged a few times with the ac adaptor to 100% but the problem persists, reliably (basically every day) - in the end I found out the charge is still there, but the display is wrong. So if it drops 50% overnight while off, when I recharge via solar to 49% it jumps to 99%.

Now it’s winter here, I’ll be taking it inside since I’ve no sun and not using it for a few months (drain it first) but it’s not very reassuring…

Btw I tried installing the app, it connects ok but I see no way to update the firmware anyway so… can someone point me to the correct App? It might be a replica or something. it’s this one right?

@gar The APP is right. Please follow the steps to see if there is a new firmware. If no, please provide me with the SN and firmware version and I can check.