B230 batteries with AC200Max

Hi, I am a happy owner of an AC200 Max Combo with PV and 2xB230 battery modules. The systems works great for discharge, however, I have discovered an issue with PV charging in particular.
When the B230 modules are connected to the AC200 Max or to a separate AC charger, it looks like they are not charging unless you hit the power button on the B230. This is a major inconvenience!

I typically charge from solar with the battery modules connected to the AC200 Max and the main unit automatically powers up in the morning when the sun comes out, but the battery modules remain off and I manually have to turn them on to start charge. Is that how it is supposed to be?
Is there a firmware update that can fix this so the battery modules also wake up?
This seems like a major flaw with an otherwise excellent system.

Anyone knows what to do about this?


Hi @daninus1,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
If the B230 battery is off, you have to turn it on manually.
There is no firmware update at the moment that can solve it.
Our technical team will focus on it later.

Hi Bluetti Admin, thanks for the reply, so to clarify, the B230 modules are not currently supposed to wake up when solar charging is available like the AC200 Max is?
You would have to turn them on manually to start charging?

Seems like a major inconvenience that should be fixed with high priority or you would miss out on charging (unless you wake up early…).

Hi @daninus1

Yes, if the power of your B230 is so low that it turns off automatically, then you need to turn it on manually.

Indeed, it will bring much inconvenience to you. It needs to be upgraded. Thank you for telling us your feelings.

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Hi Admin, one more clarification, so you can test this. It happens as the AC200 Max turns off (I do have ECO mode on) after PV charging during the day, it also turns the battery modules off regardless of state of charge. Then the next morning, only the AC200 Max automatically turns on when it senses the PV voltage. The B230’s stay off. That is the issue. If they also woke up, like the AC200 Max, everything would work as one expects.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your clarification.
I have checked it with my colleague. Yes, you’re right.
The unit will turn off after you fully charge it. And it will be activated after recharging it with solar panels.
The battery will not turn on automatically when connected with AC200MAX which is charging with solar panels. While it can turn on automatically when it only connects with solar panels.

I plan to purchase (2) B230 batteries to expand my AC200MAX IF this problem is corrected. Please resolve this.


I am also a new owner of the AC200MAX with 1x B230, and this is a very inconvenient issue for me too. The B230 won’t auto switch on when AC200MAX starts charging in the morning. I am currently putting on hold purchasing another B230 until Bluetti updates the firmware.

@daninus1 - I am currently considering purchasing a SwitchBot to do this job for me when I am not at home :rofl: A bit ridiculous considering the B230 is not cheap!

@Mannie yes, two options so far, either do not run the B230 fully out of juice or a SwitchBot I guess…

I have not heard if/when we will have a firmware update to fix this issue. I agree, would be good to hear directly from Bluetti.

Can the b230 be charged via the ac200max solar input?

Hi @Wex , B230 connects to the AC200MAX for solar charging and requires an additional D050S to do so.
Here is a link to our D050S purchase which you can click on to view, thank you :blush: DC Charging Enhancer (D050S)

Wait, actually the AC200max does charge itself and the b230 with solar going only into ac200max. Saw this in real-life. You could boost the solar going in by having the dc charge enhancer though

Thanks Bluetti for confirming the observation of owners of B230, B300. Openess give buyer confidence.

I stand corrected I may also have seen someone use the enhance charger plug into the B230 and added solar panels, seemingly resolving the issue temporarly.

Waiting for the fix first before I would even consider the B230, probably would choose B300 as I suspect has extra features. I haven’t compared the unit yet.

Our Ac200max is linked to a b300 with the thick power cable that comes with the b300. When the Ac200max is connected to Solar it charges both at the same time. Same if the Ac200max is connected to a single or dual PSU’s. The b300 also has its own psu input and Solar input. If b300 is powered off it stays off until manually powered back on.

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@BLUETTI Is there any sign that this problem will be fixed in the near future? Currently waiting before i’m buying.

What would be the temporary work a round to wakeup the b300/230 with solar charging if I also want to charge the AC200 with solar?