B230 and EB200p

Are these two compatible. And if so how may can the EB200p can handle.

Welcome to the forum @ortiznyc ! The EB200p is “compatible” with the b230 batteries BUT… they will act more as a “power bank” then a true battery expansion unit. Meaning, they will charge up your eb200p to add capacity to the unit, but wont work cohesively (as the ac200max and b230 units would) if that makes sense? Heres a picture of how you could connect 2 of the b230 units up to the eb200p to give a total of 6144wh.

**Note - for this to work, You’d need to additionally purchase a P090D To XT90 cable for each expansion battery, as well as the D050S charging enhancer (to charge the ex200p thru the “AC” 7909 barrel plug input) and the XT90 to Aviation Cable (to charge thru the native solar input port)

Honestly.. I'd purchase the ac200max.. as the cost of the 2 additional p090d and d050s will add up and then you also will have to think about ways to charge the b230 as it doesnt come with a charging source. The ac200max, when connected to the b230, WILL charge it up. But the b230 doesnt have a built in charge controller, so youd need to purchase a d050s charging enhancer for it or a t400/t500 charging brick.
Hope this helps but holler if you got any questions!