B230 + 12 volt splitter to power refrigerator and charge EB55 at same time?

I’m considering buying a B230. I want to power a 12 volt refrigerator, and use it to keep my Bluetti EB55 topped off at the same time. If I buy a 12 volt “cigarette lighter” splitter on Amazon, will I be able to do this using the “cigarette” lighter outlet on the B230?

@Angela This is available, equivalent to a car charger interface.

@Angela I’m not sure how many amps the eb55 will try to pull charging via the 12v cig plug and xt60… But in general… as long as the 12v appliances dont surpass the 10amp limit output of the b230, you should be fine. I run a couple 12v appliances like this with a splitter so i’m guessing it wont be a problem. Both the eb55 and the iceco units that I have, have safety features that will shut down the units when low voltage is detected.

Thank you m.briney! It’s comforting to know that the splitter works for your fridge and whatever else you’re charging.

@Angela yea, I have run a splitter to power my 12v cooler and some other small appliances but I cant confirm if it’ll allow you to run your specific cooler AND charge the eb55. I just dont know exactly how many amps the eb55 is going to try pulling when charging via that xt60 to cig plug. Either way… your units should have protections in place that will protect them.