Available AC amps of AC 200 P

Im waiting on my order for a AC200 P to arrive. It’s mainly to power my 3/4HP sump pump and maybe a refrigerator, when the power goes out. I know the AC200p will handle the wattage, my sump pump requires 986watts running and 2472 starting.

Everywhere I look I can’t find how many amps the AC 200 puts out. If the sump pump requires 8.3 running amps and 20.6 starting amps, will this be doable?

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That initial surge of your well pump will more then likely overload the AC200P and cause it to shut off the output. You might need to install a “easystart” or softstart on the pump to get it to work with the AC200P. The outputs on the unit are regulated to 15amps (I believe) just like most household ac wall outlets least here in the USA and if you’re running 120v.

Thank you for the quick reply. I spoke to the sump pump manufacturer this morning, and they told me the three-quarter pump was oversized for my situation. They said a half horsepower sump pump would work just fine. The half horsepower pump has 3.8 running amps and 11.5 starting. Can the AC200p handle this?

Also, I may keep the 3/4 pump as a backup, if I tried to use 3/4 pump without the soft start; would the pump just not work, or could it damage the AC200p also?

@Payamala77 The AC200P has built in protections that should throw an overload error code and shut it down before damaging anything BUT… its hard to say either way to be honest? See I like to venture more towards the cautious side of things and wouldnt want to risk it? haha But technically yes… the bluetti should protect both the pump and the unit itself in a overload situation. And even with the smaller 1/2 hp pump being at 11.5a startup, it still wouldnt hurt to have a soft start on the pump. The AC200P should be able to handle 11.5 amps with the initial startups/surges without any issues… but with an easystart/soft start added to it, the risk of overloading it would be minimized even more so. Plus it would probably be “easier” on the pump itself and extend its life? I bring this up because even tho the ac200p can handle those loads… what happens if you’re running other appliances thru the bluetti when the pump kicks on?? Its going to put you closer and closer to the limits of the ac200p and might overload things. Just some things to think about for long-term use cases. :)

Thanks again for your help

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@Payamala77 No problem! Please feel free to ask any questions ya might have! Theres alot of knowledgeable people on here that are more then willing to help out! Cheers!