Automatically turn on B230, when AC200Max is turned on


can I configure to turn on also the B230, when AC200Max is turned on?

While charging from solar to the AC200Max- it is a pain, when only AC200Max turns on automatically - cause if the AC200Max is charged fully, I turns off solar input, but B230 can remain empty…

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Hi @mini_PV

AC300 and AC500 have the ability to turn on B300 and B230. So theoretically, the function is there. They also seemed to use the same connectors.

I dont have a AC200Max, so i cant say for sure, but when the AC200Max have SoC Display for the B230, it can communicate and i really think that could be done by a firmware upgrade.

@BLUETTI @BLUETTI_CARE Do you have any Information regarding this, that would help Jörn?


After connecting AC200max and B230, they cannot activate each other. They need to be turned on separately. AC200Max does not have the function to automatically activate the battery pack. When the battery pack shuts down due to lack of power, it needs to be manually turned on to communicate with AC200Max again.

Is is feasible to implement this SW feature trigger , to also active extended batteries being turn on?
B230 seems to be able to receive this communication while being off, if it works with other models…

Turning the Ac200M off, it also shutting down the B230, so that works fine.