Automatic transfer switch?

I’m interested in an automatic transfer switch. I would like to have the option of charging from grid when my battery gets low (cloudy day or more than normal drain on system). Any suggestions? I was hoping IFTTT ( was linked to Bluetti so I could setup a low battery level rule and combine with a basic WiFi outlet - but no luck (will drop that suggestion here though).

I’m open to the alternate approach of using the switch on the AC output side. ie. switch power from Bluetti to grid when the battery gets too low. However this path requires a rapid switch over to avoid any lapse in power.

Thanks for any suggestions -

Hi @camster , For the explanation about the transfer switch, you can refer to the following.

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Thank you - I may try this one. My concern (per Amazon reviews) is that it may not have a quick enough cutover to keep electronics running - and I may need a small UPS to avoid any lapse in power.
Anyone have experience with this?

Contact Bluetti sales for information and details regarding UPS operation of their power stations. Some can transfer in milliseconds, but some take up to seven seconds (AC300 in Split Phase mode) to transfer power from the grid source to the inverters. In my home, all of my electronics have their own UPS while the AC300 takes care of the whole home.