Automatic Transfer Switch

Any good suggestions here? When the grid power goes out, the subject panel will switch (automatically or manually) over to the power from the solar generator, and when grid power returns it will automatically switch back to the grid power? And what kind of input connector does one use for the cable from the solar generator?

There are companies that supply automatic transfer switches as part of a large power generator system. My neighbor has a system by Honeywell and it takes three seconds to switch over because the propane powered generator has to be at its peak power before switching the load. So ask around or search online.

This type of setup may have an issue with eco modes. Many solar power stations turn off their AC output when there is no load for a few hours. So if the ATS switches over to the power station, the AC output switch may or be on at that time.

For this to work you would have to disable eco mode.

An alternative is to run your loads off the power station full time and use the grid to charge the station all the time. You will use 30% more energy due to charge and inverter, and you will have to make sure you are pulling less power than the charger can supply. So your effective power output is your charge input rate, not inverter capability.