Automatic Switch Sub-Panel for Sogen

I have not been able to find any sub-panel (also called a transfer switch) sold by Bluetti; the sub-panel is an electrical panel next to your house’s main electric panel, which say has 25 circuits. The sub-panel would have, let us say, 6 circuits, which are connected to the main panel. When power goes out, and one plugs the sogen into the sub-panel, power goes from the sogen into the six circuits selected to power part of your house’s electrical devices.

Does anyone know of a good sub-panel??? Thanks!

I’m not sure which one I have but it was done by a licensed electrician. I would HIGHLY suggest everyone use someone that is licensed.

They could probably recommend a good transfer panel.

UPDATE - Just looked and it’s a -

Reliance - Panel/Link

Hope that helps!

?are you sure you what a auto switch?manual switch might be better in solar generator.
to small load circuit sub-panel
use same brand box as are your existing brand breaker

As I understand things, an automatic switch version is required, as when you are on battery power and the grid suddenly comes on you want to switch over back to grid. This can be done manually or automatically. However, to avoid any possibility of having grid power up AND power from the sogen on at the same time (could electrocute any repairmen on the lines), an automatic switch is required that will prevent any possibility of both sources being used at the same time.

Yes, I will use a licensed electrician. Reliance has been a name that keeps coming up. Thanks for the reference!

one ?required by who?
in the generator world auto is good=1 -your gen set is off,grid goes off.gen starts from auto sensor ,
run till grid comes back on.cuts off.
with Solar gen set IF it is ,on all the time or has internal transfer switch(like my aims 2000 watt inverter does)ie power from grid goes thru to charge batteries /energize outlets.good.
Now i have 200 amp manual on my house(because i got it savage-looked like new) and im cheap
i hook up my honda eu 6500 and just have set procedure on what breakers i turn off /or leave on .
what i am gettin to -auto only advantage is it comes on when you are not there.manuals are approved any place i have been .info just to shine light on the subject

After reading some more, I see my earlier statement was in error…i.e., even a manual transfer switch can prevent BOTH grid power and sogen power from giving power at the same time. Hopefully, I am correct on that. The advantage of an automatic version appears to be that a person does not have to manually switch the power to the sogen, and when the grid is restored a person would not have to turn the sogen off and then the grid switch back on.

Of course, without the automatic, one may not know when the grid power has been restored! (for whatever period of time).

you know when the lights come back on around you,if that helps

This is the one recommended by a knowledgeable person (more than one actually) in the Bluetti FB group:

Also, Bluetti does have a subpanel, but it is made for the EP500/Pro series, and I believe will also be for the AC300. It has 10 circuits. Some info on that is in the attached pdf. The link may not work for you if you are not on Facebook. This info only applies to the EP500/Pro and the AC300.

PDF of EP500 Pro accessories

You mean when the lights come on in other houses around you, I think.

I have seen the Reliance model. How about the Reliance 10-circuit 30 Amp manual transfer switch kit: Reliance transfer switch Model 310CRK? See:

yes and no -with a sub panel,you only put a few circuits on it(refer,bedroom,kitchen)-depends on size of solar gen,engine gen ,=so when your power from grid comes back on=the other non sub panel electrical is energized .-other lights-bingo the grid is back-auto switches /you swap manual.
Whole house transfer switches -you have to de-load-like i do-or have a gen set big enough to run everything like normal.your gettin closer.
not get more confusing there are interlock kits for some Main breaker boxes -which are transfer switches too.

you have to click the link ,would not load picture

More circuits is good! I have a a 10 circuit switch and sometimes wish I had more as it gives you more options on what/when you can power. With my 5500 watt Honda gas generator they are all switched on but with the Bluetti AC200 I only want to run a few at a time to conserve WH.

10 -4 thinkin i have eu 6500 i de-load my system when used-i switch whole house manual 200 amp rated switch at service thinkin is i can swap ALL my breakers to any configuration i what,

You have provided a lot of good info, however your last post (the one that starts with “yes and no”) is hard to understand (too cryptic, etc.). Reliance has a 6 circuit version of the 10 circuit one. I am thinking of the 10 circuit one which allows me to select, depending on the needs, which circuits (of the 10) I need to have on at any given time. I would not anticipate using all 10 at the same time. Flexibility!

i see -same as i am doing-same as with will work.

Yeah its nice to have all the circuits in the panel as an option. I made up a suicide plug to back feed the generator through a 50 amp garage outlet into mine but usually don’t use it unless its going to be a long (days) outage. To many ways to screw up to safely use it all the time.

You haven’t said what size generator you plan to use. As I recall, the AC200/P can power up to 6 circuits, depending on size of circuit. The manual says you can’t connect it, but perhaps they mean without a transfer switch, because I know some people who have and it works. You really need to be discussing this with a licensed electrician, and only a licensed electrician should install. A transfer switch is safer than an interlock.

good name for itBlueSkull