Auto Power Off Time should be configurable

The standard time for auto power off is set to 4h if no output is switched on nor any charging took place during those 4h.

Since the System consumes some power even when no output is enabled, I would like to be able to configure the auto power off time.

To save power I would like to set the time very short, like just a few minutes. On the other hand, another application would be to set the output off to infinity (disable auto power off) in case I only have access to the system via cloud.


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This would be really great. Including support in the mobile and not only directly on the Bluetti device (including the eco mode switch)
a static period of 4 hours is far too long

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Did you check the app? I am not sure about the AC300, but a more basic EB3A has eco mode on/off function on the app, and when eco mode is on, you can select auto off time from 1 to 4 hours.

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I’m not referring to the eco mode. The eco mode switches unused outputs (ac and dc) off , but I’m referring to the auto off of the main unit. This is set to 4 h by default and cannot be changed (at least this is the das on the ac300).

@snowstorm for the AC300 the app does not have such feature

@sebastian.stumpf honestly I did not differ between those two features. Anyway, why should them both not be configurable by the app AND the device settings…

What do you mean by switching the main unit off? If the AC and DC output are off, isn’t the unit “off”?
I thought ECO mode basically turns off the unit if it is unused for 1-4 hours by switching off the AC and DC output?

ECO MODE can be adjusted to 1-4 hours. You can set it in BLUETTI APP.

@snowstorm As I wrote before, I’m not referring to the ECO-Mode, as the ECO Mode does only switch the outputs, but it does not switch off the unit (like when you press the ON-OFF Button of the AC300 for a few seconds).

The reason is, that the unit will still consume some standby-power even with having all outputs switched off. When there is no output enabled the unit will go from Standby to Off state within 4 h and there is no way of changing that time.

@BLUETTI Yes, the ECO Mode can be configured, but the auto-power-off time not. I’m not refering to the ECO MODE, but to the Auto-power-off-time.
The auto-power-off time is the time (hard coded in the firmware to 4h), after the unit will go from standby-Mode (enabled unit, but with all outputs switched off) to OFF-Mode.

@BLUETTI please advise where I can change the ECO mode setting in the app for the AC300. I cannot see this function. And apart “on/off” switch no setting reg. 1-4 hours diretly on the device

I am very sorry, but BLUETTI machines do not have an automatic shutdown option set.


BLUETTI machines do not have an automatic shutdown option set

I know, that is why I’m suggesting to change that. It is now hard-coded to 4h in the firmware, but I believe it would be a great feature to be configurable by the user.

Sorry, AC300 does not have the function of APP adjusting ECO mode, the ECO mode of AC300 can only be adjusted on the display.
Here is the EB3A ECO MODE app side adjustment for your reference

Received with thanks. I have submitted your suggestion.

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That’s not the first time on this forum. We previously asked for it in a different forum branch. Consider implementing it maybe :thinking:.